We would like to invite you to form an alliance with us that will help your organization generate resources and also spread the ideals you promote to more people.

Let us be as brief as possible. We have developed intelligent web-based assistants that help people with their basic needs in areas such as personal health care, pet care (dogs and/or cats), or vehicle maintenance.

We want to offer the subscribers of your organization and your friends a 60% discount on our intelligent assistants, where they will pay only $3.96 per year (the original value is $9.90), and your organization will get 50% of the income, as well as the possibility of spreading the advertising of your organization on the screens of those who subscribe through your website, posters, or newsletters, with the links of your choice.

Your advertisement can be changed once a month during the 12-month duration. We can also export the non-confidential information of those who subscribe so that you can organize groups according to your criteria, which we will define in our system, and in this way, your advertising will be directed to each particular group.

Your advertising will be displayed exclusively on the screens of your subscribers throughout the year, as follows:

We invite you to get acquainted with our intelligent assistants, where you will confirm how useful they are in helping people with their basic needs:

Let's work together, it will surely be useful for everyone, including your subscribers.

We are attentive to clarify any questions you may have by contacting us through the “Contact Us” section that you can find on our websites, by WhatsApp or by mail.

KW Marketing Ltda: e mail: kw_mark@hotmail.com